Aquaphotomics: Understanding Water in Biology – 2nd International Symposium
26th-29th November 2016
1-1 Rokkodai, Nada,
Kobe 657-8501

Aquaphotomics Course
Data analysis and Software

If you consider taking part in the practical course, in order to save then time please make sure that the following requirements are met by your system and that the R-packages listed below are installed.
The less time we have to spend in Japan for setting up the individual systems, the more time there will be for exploring the package "aquap2".

Please make sure that you have the latest version of R installed on your system. (

For ease of use, we also recommend to install R-Studio. (

Please make sure that the following additional R-packages and all their dependencies are installed on your system:
devtools, foreach, doParallel, openxlsx, signal, ChemometricsWithR, plyr, geometry, som, pls, boot, fmsb, lattice, latticeExtra, rrcov, rrcovHD, prospectr, plotrix, beeswarm

With kind regards,
Bernhad Pollner + Zoltan Kovacs

(Please excuse the appearance of this text... we hope to see you in Japan!)